Cranial ectoplasm emitted by Ken Applebaum


Odds are you're here because of something I wrote. I am writing something right this moment! It's breathtaking, isn't it? I envy you, really.

The most active recipient of my output is Twitter. Congratulations, you have my voice in your head.

If I have something to say on the topics of entertainment, politics and philosophy, I say it on Great Caesar's Ghost!

I may have things to say re: a certain TV cartoon from the 1980s. If so, it goes onto Fuck Yeah, Voltron!!!!! An exclamation point per lion.

Less active is Shock Yeah, Marvel 2099! Unless you're in a very specific niche, this will be utter gibberish.

My kooky spirituality neither begins nor ends with robots. Though Thrift Fu is silent, it is still quite deadly... for SAVINGS!

Tomorrow's Toilet Paper Today was my '90s zine, and found new life as a Myspace blog in the mid-aughts. I was all stoked to show it to you until I realized Mean Ol' Mr. Murdoch purged anything that wasn't fodder for advertising. I'll show him! I'll post the original 'zine. (Coming soon.)

Some people never get to meet their heros. I got to interview one of mine in Lifestyles Magazine: Douglas Rushkoff.

Once upon a time I was a hotshot columnist for a very punk site about comics. Here lays the ghost of Savant Magazine. (Search within your window for my byline. I can't do it all for you.)